Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wikileaks Battles On

It seems in France right now there is pressure to create a ban on servers there hosting Wikileaks. Fortunately the courts have rejected it so far but the higher courts have indicated it is willing to hear further arguments. In the mean time Wikileaks has now gone viral to stop itself being taken down with mirrors created by users of the site ensuring the content will no longer be lost to DDoS attacks. Almost $100,000 has been taken from Wikileaks so far after its Swiss bank account has been frozen and its Paypal account suspended. Paypal's site went down for eight hours following the suspension due to DDoS attacks and it has been reported it can expect to take further attacks against its servers. The attackers had this to say:
While we don’t have much of an affiliation with WikiLeaks, we fight for the same reasons. We want transparency and we counter censorship. The attempts to silence WikiLeaks are long strides closer to a world where we can not say what we think and are unable to express our opinions and ideas.
We can not let this happen. This is why our intention is to find out who is responsible for this failed attempt at censorship. This is why we intend to utilize our resources to raise awareness, attack those against and support those who are helping lead our world to freedom and democracy.

These releases has gone from being about the release of sensitive government information to becoming a cyber-war over the internet between governments and internet users while the governments of the world try to find ways to arrest Julian Assange a move highly unlikely to slow Wikileaks at this stage. The crime they are issuing his international arrest warrant on is for "sex by surprise the penalty for which is a small fine as opposed to rape and it is highly unlikely he will actually be convicted given the circumstantial evidence in the case indicating the women involved were lying. It is a mystery right now who will win. Once all of the diplomatic cables are released if Wikileaks is still standing then I don't think we will see it going anywhere regardless of what it releases next. Julian Assange may find himself in jail or dead but that was his plan all along to be a "lighting rod" for Wikileaks and when it happens there is another waiting to take his place. Hopefully out of all this we will see the worlds governments realise they cannot hide things forever.


  1. They don't care about hiding things forever, they care about hiding it as long as it may have bad consequences for them.